The Real AI Course (Replay)
The Real AI Course (Replay)

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The Real AI Course (Replay)

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AI is taking over and if you're not in the know, what are you doing? I have been showcasing the magic that is AI photography for some time and now it's your time to learn. And what's better? It doesn't matter what niche you're in. Creating amazing AI photos can be done....for everything!

This hands on course will walk you through how to create stunning, high quality images in different sizes with tried and true prompts. I'm not talking about the wrinky dink images that look very FAKE. No, I have had many people shocked by the realness of the images I've created. Sell the images, use them for your business branding, add them to a website -- the possibilities are endless.

Please Note: You will need a $30 Midjourney subscription to get the most of this class (even if you just want to use it for one month). The link is here:

It is recommended that you watch the replay in portrait mode to get maximum viewing experience. But you can watch it on a computer, phone or tablet.