Allow me to introduce myself...

my name is Shannon "Shay" Bell -- a disciplined, self-taught graphic designer born, raised and living in the ever so bustlin' city of New York. I specialize in all types of branding including logos, web design, business cards and graphic material for women in business. My mission is to glamify as many brands as possible with total emphasis on high quality and satisfied clientele. There's always a need to enhance your business and Shay Shanae Designs, LLC can get you on your way. 

Shay ShaNae Designs is the fruition of a vision I had for myself many years ago. I've always been creative and a huge lover of artistic visual design and knew at an early age that it was something I'd pursue passionately. No matter what else I got into, it always came back to designing. I always knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. Being able to see visions come to life because of a certain set of skills is an amazing feeling. For me, it started with simple web design and graphic making for clients to slowly building my own portfolio and educating myself non-stop on the whole graphic design process. I've never let the fact that I didn't officially "study" graphic design at some fancy school stop me from becoming what I set out to be and with my constant hustler mentality and the Lord guiding my steps, I have a successful business that continues to thrive.

On a personal note, I'm also the mother of an amazing son. I'm a total GLAM junkie and all things pretty and unique give me the biggest inspiration. I'm obsessed with fonts and Pinterest. I can literally spend hours indulging in aesthetics + eye pleasing work. I love inspiring boss babes and future boss babes to keep pushing forward. If you have a vision, do what you can to make it become a reality.